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Discover The Power and Wonder Of Seeing Your Guardian Angel’s Portrait For The First Time.

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How would it feel to see your guardian angel‘s face? How would you feel to see your angels face? Very few people have actually seen their Angels face.Do you sometimes find it hard to ask for help when you can't visualise your Angel? It is not by chance you are reading this,their is no such thing as as co-incidence in the Angel world. Now is the time to grow closer to your Angel. If you feel you need some help to make the connection Stronger we can help!

You can do this by yourself!

Sometimes a little help is nice. Before you decide let me tell you How it all began. One afternoon in February 2010, an artist and musician from Dublin, Ireland called Helena McGuinness was painting pictures to match poetry she had written. One of the pieces was on her guardian angel and this prompted her to ask a simple question,If you had a choice, what way would you like to be seen? What would you look like? Within seconds Helena found herself drawing a portrait of the most incredible serene beautiful angel. It was as if her hand was drawn along by her Angel, so she let go of control and let it happen. In a very short time her Angels face arrived on the page. The Angel had stopped her using any of her own creativity in the drawing. It was one of those magical once in a life time moments, Helena new something very special had just happened! Helena's Angel had just responded to Helena's request and revealed her likeness as she had wanted to be seen. Helena's Angel As Helena looked at the image for the first time she was very moved by what had happened. However, one thing really puzzled her; it would take her at least a week to work on a portrait. This had taken minutes! Her daughter Kathy walked in and was emotionally drawn to the picture. Kathy went into the Kitchen to make some tea. Without saying anything to Kathy, Helena closed her eyes and asked Kathys Angel the same question? When Kathy brought the cuppa into Helena a few minutes later She looked at the new drawing "Mam that's my Angel did you just draw that?" Straight away Kathy felt in awe of what her mother had just done. Helena had created her second Angel drawing and new it was the start of something both exciting and profound. Helena realised for the first time that she could channel Angel energy.Visual images of how Angels choose to be seen. Something with the potential to both move and comfort people at the same time. What happened next was quite remarkable; everyone who visited Helena requested Helena to draw their Angel very soon Helena started getting calls from strangers. To date the story grows and grows. Angels are all over Ireland, they have gone to England, Holland, Spain, Poland, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, and more every day (111 at time of this posting).

The next exciting surprise, the returning stories. Some Angels have already returned more the one story.

All Angel Portraits are personally channelled by Helena and each one is completely unique. You are guaranteed that what you will receive is 100% genuine and your Angel Portrait will be exactly the way your guardian angel wants you to see them. To request Helena to draw your guardian angel (or someone else’s), all you have to do is follow two simple steps:
  1. Fill in the online form below and then click on submit:
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You will be brought straight to PayPal, where you can make a payment of $70 (or €50 euros). Yours in light and love,  
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